5 Easy Steps to add Custom Post Types in WordPress

Why you need WordPress Custom Post Types, as time goes on you will need more post types like post, page. Post and page are WordPress default post types, however, you will want to set up more. For example, you might want to add testimonials to the website, you can add a custom post type of testimonial in WordPress.
I will be showing you a very easy way of adding custom post types in WordPress. We will be using a plugin called Custom Post Type UI. This is a free plugin available in WordPress. The following are the steps to add custom post types in WordPress.
1 – Login into your WordPress dashboard, to to plugin and click add new. Search for the plugin ‘Custom Post Type UI’ go ahead download and activate this plugin.
2 – Once it is activated, there will be a new tab in sidebar CPT UI, go ahead and click Add/Edit Post Types.
3 – Provide your post type a name, for example, we added ‘document’. It also asks for a singular and plural value.
4 – Leave all other values to the default and go straight to the bottom, where it says support. There you need to check which properties you will need from the normal posts. You can choose from Title, Editor, Feature Image, Excerpt, etc. You will also need to choose from taxonomies. Choose Categories(WP Core) and Tags(WP Core).
5 – Go ahead and hit save post type. Once you saved, a new Tab will appear in the sidebar. In our case, it is a document Tab.
6 – You can also make new taxonomies same as tag and categories. You can make new ones by going to Add/Edit Taxonomies. Add a new, provide name, singular and plural name. Importantly assign to a post type, in which post type you want to use this new taxonomy, in our case it was document, you can choose your post type from here.
Now you can use this new post and display post in different pages the same way as normal posts. Let us know if you have any questions or you facing any error.

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