Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Image size is greatly related to the speed and performance of your website. Greater the size of the image, slower the loading speed of your website, and vice versa. And if your website takes time to load it can directly affect your website performance. Don’t worry! In this blog, we will share details of image compression plugins that allow you to optimize your image and have a website with faster loading time and excellent performance.

Why Use Image Compression Plugins?

Images are an important part of every website as they drive more traffic to your website, but the large size of the image can intensely affect your website performance as they take more time to load and eventually visitors might leave your website.

To enhance your website performance, you need to optimize the images that you upload to your website. There are two ways to optimize the images for your website;

  • By using Photoshop or Image Editing software.
  • By using plugins.

Most people lack knowledge of Image Editing Software, they can go with the second method of image optimization, i.e., Image Optimization Plugins. Let’s dig into details of image optimization plugins;

1. ShortPixel

ShortPixel is a perfect solution for image optimization or compression. It will compress or resize your image to the ideal image size for faster website loading time. With this plugin being installed and activated, you can not only compress the newly upload images but can also optimize the already uploaded images.

The plugin comes with a basic and pro version. The basic version allows you to optimize 100 images per month.

Besides resizing and compressing the image, the plugin also serves the images from CDN and resizes them accordingly.


  • Easy integration with WordPress.
  • Automatic optimization of images.
  • Optimize PNG, JPG, PDF, and GIFs.
  • Provide two image optimization solutions i.e., lossy and lossless. The lossy solution optimizes images by removing redundant data while the Lossless solution compresses the whole data.
  • Basic free as well as Premium version is available.
  • The basic version lets you optimize 100 images per month.
  • Stores original image in a backup folder.
  • Turns image to WebP format.
  • Serves images on CDN and resizes images according to the device of the users.


The basic version of the plugin is free with 100 images/month and the premium version starts from $3.99/month with 5000 images per month.

2. Imagify

Imagify plugin is developed by the developers of WP Rocket caching/performance plugin. It is ideal for websites that need to optimize a lot of images. Imagify is a freemium plugin that is also compatible with plugins such as NextGallery and WooCommerce.

Imagify provides three levels of lossy and lossless compressions from which you can choose i.e., ultra, aggressive, and normal. You can also undo the compression and choose another level. Moreover, this plugin has a backup option where you can save the original image.


  • Support PNG, PDF, and JPG.
  • Allows users to optimize 20MB or 200 images each month.
  • Optimize images automatically with three different levels.
  • Provide a backup option to store the original image.
  • Images are converted into optimized thumbnails, full-sized WebP images.
  • Optimize images in bulk.
  • Resize image dimensions.
  • User-friendly interface which optimizes images easily.


The plugin is available in both freemium and premium versions. The free version allows users to optimize 200 images/month. And the cost of the premium version starts from $4.99/month.

3. EWWW Image Optimizer

EWWW Image Optimizer automatically optimizes the uploaded images. It has an easy interface, and you can use your own server to optimize pictures. It also works by connecting through API in paid version to give you extra features. It helps you optimize images in bulk.

The EWWW image optimizer is compatible with other WordPress plugins and can optimize images generated by any plugin.


  • No limitation on the size or quality of the image.
  • Comes with a feature i.e., “Adaptive Steering”, which allows you to select the right image format.
  • The plugins also have additional features such as Auto WebP, Auto Scaling, and Lazy Loading, etc.
  • Optimize images in bulk including the images generated by other plugins.
  • Compress images of file type JPG, PNG, and PDF.
  • Supports four different compression levels.
  • Schedule optimization.
  • Serves WebP images.


The self-hosted version of the plugin is free to use while if you want to connect through API, you need a paid version which can cost you from $7/ month.

.4. WP Compress

WP Compress is the best image optimization plugin. It has a well-designed interface and resizes files based on the visitors’ devices. It also prevents over-compression of files.

WP Compress uses advanced algorithms to optimize image size. Moreover, it does not affect the quality of the image. It serves images from CDN to ensure better speed of the website.


  • Easy to set up and integrate.
  • Provides three levels of compressions i.e., one lossless and two lossy.
  • It deletes EXIF data.
  • Optimize images automatically.
  • Provide cloud backup to store the original image.
  • It includes live image optimization and lazy load images.
  • Stops images from over compression.


The free version allows you to optimize up to 100 images while the premium version starts at $5 per month.

5. WP Smush

WP Smush image compression plugin is the most popular WordPress plugin. It optimizes both new and older images without compromising on their quality.

It is available both free and in the paid version. With the free version, you can optimize images up to 1MB in size while the paid version allows optimizing images up to 5MB in size. With this plugin, you can compress up to 50 images at a time.


  • Detect incorrect images or images that can slow down websites.
  • Optimize up to 50 images at a time.
  • Automatically optimize with lossless compression for free.
  • Remove EXIF data.
  • Support images of file type JEPG, PNG, and GIF.
  • Convert images into WebP format in pro version.
  • Lossy compression is supported by paid version.
  • Includes Lazy Load.
  • Serves images on CDN.


WP Smush is available for free. The free version allows its users to optimize images up to 1MB in size. While Paid version comes with several features and costs up to $49 per month.

Final Thoughts

By image optimization, you can enhance your website’s performance to a great extent and can drive more traffic. These plugins can help you resize your images and increase your website speed which can provide a better user experience.

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