Business Ideas with low Investment | Top 8 Business Ideas with low Investment

Business Ideas with Low Investment: Starting your own business can be an overwhelming task. That is why information about Business Ideas in India with Small Investment has been given here. Still, not having to follow the daily and monotonous 9-5 office routine and making all the decisions on your own is one of the good feelings.

However, not everyone is able to fulfill the dream of running a business, usually due to insufficient funds. but not anymore!

With many low investment business ideas that also give good profits, you can now start your own business and turn your passion into a profession. For complete information about this subject, you can read our article low cost business. Before that, do read Business Ideas in Hindi once.

Top 8 Business Ideas with low Investment

Top 8 Business Ideas with low Investment
Top 8 Business Ideas with low Investment

1. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the best small profitable business ideas these days. It is a retail supply method where you can open an online store but without storing any inventory. In this way, you do not invest a single penny in inventory and can start a business with limited funds.

Whenever the store makes a sale, the product is bought from a third party and shipped directly to the customer. Simply put, you make the sale, place the order with the supplier, and he ships it to the customer on your behalf. Thus, you do not need to handle inventory. It saves your time as well as money.

Products can be curated from more than one supplier. However, it is suggested that you order a sample product from the supplier first to be assured that he is reliable and the quality of the products fits the online store.

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With the drop shipping model, you don’t need to focus on purchasing or archiving inventory.

You can completely focus on marketing the online store and customer service. Specifically, the credibility of your store will depend on the quality you offer and the order fulfillment strategy you follow. You must keep an eye on both to assure business success.

This is a low investment business idea in Hindi through which you can also do market testing and find the best before investing in your products and launching them.

2. Courier Company

India being one of the fastest growing markets, starting a business in the courier industry is another low cost business idea with high profits. The recent changes in the eCommerce industry have essentially helped the courier service business to grow at an incredible rate.

Instead of starting a business from scratch, which may cost a lot, you can consider taking a franchise from a well-established courier company. Many well-known courier companies are offering their franchise at minimal cost.

  Apart from this, you will also get access to the basic infrastructure and testing and development related to their technology.

3. Online Bakery

Online food business is one of the most popular small profitable business in India. And the bakery is also quite popular. If baking is your cup of tea, you can think of starting a bakery and take advantage of it by sharing homemade recipes.

The best thing about low investment business ideas Hindi is that you can start it from your kitchen itself. And all you need is an oven and ingredients! Cakes are an integral part of all celebrations. But, you can also consider selling other baked goods, such as different types of bread, muffins, cookies, and pizza.

This is not only a unique business idea, but it is also profitable! While companies like Oven Fresh took years of hard work to get to where they are today, many business owners have been able to scale up in just a few months by taking their business online. Just register the bakery on various online food delivery platforms to increase the reach.

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4. Sell a Service

With a service-based business, your time is inventory. It is also your most important investment. You need to have one such skill to go ahead with this business idea.

Which is in demand and useful for others. Writing, blogging, web designing, photography, fitness training and calligraphy are some of the skills around which you can start a business.

You can register yourself with various freelance marketplaces to increase your chances of getting discovered by people who need your skills.

Apart from this, your social media handle can help you best in marketing and publicity. This is really the best business to start.

5. Social Media Agency

In the digital age and intense competition, almost all companies want to market their products digitally. They are willing to spend a huge budget on advertising through various digital channels and paid social media posts and campaigns.

Running a social media agency can be a great small business idea if you have a sound knowledge of marketing, branding, communication, social media and web presence management.

You can start your own business industry helping other companies to establish a strong digital presence. All you need are some computers, skilled professionals, and an office to get started.

6. Handcrafted Products

This era of internet and technology has opened doors for artisans to broaden their horizon by going from artists to professionals. Unlike retail stores that obtain their products from multiple sources, handicraft businesses produce products in-house.

Their primary focus is on providing a personal touch to the consumers which no other business can do. Whether you make candles, soaps, pottery and even sauces, you are in a position to start a unique business.

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Here, product development and procurement is in your hands, literally. For example, candles are not used only during power cuts. Now, they are more as home decoration items and are also widely used as gifts for various occasions.

Consumers want to buy candles with different fragrances. They like to buy unique and customized products. Same is the case with other items as well. You can either start with a small batch or go on pre order basis till you make consistent sales.

7. Solar Business

In fact, in today’s time, the need for energy is very high, which is not being generated. Energy is not being provided to us according to our needs. As the demand for energy is increasing all over the world, its sources are also increasing. In such a situation, many businesses have made very good progress in Solar Filed and you too can earn a lot of money by being a part of it.

There are many companies like Loom solar which gives you the opportunity to earn in three ways, in which you –

  • Dealer
  • Distributor and
  • Solar Installer

You can start your business by becoming etc. At the same time, the best thing is that the company also provides you a lot of help to do all this.

8. Breakfast Joint

Whether you are a student or working in a company, everyone must have breakfast in the morning to eat. In such a situation, it is found that there are not many options for breakfast in many places. That’s why people are forced to consume fast food etc.

Since this is a very big problem, here if you want to start a new business, then you can start a breakfast joint in a small size by yourself. In the beginning, you can start with only a few options, whereas as your business grows slowly, you can add more options to it. This is a great business idea with low cost.

Low cost business 

India is the third largest start-up center in the world. More than 1300 new start-ups including 7 unicorns were added in the year 2019 in India.

The data shows the desire of people to start their own business in India. With a desire to start something of their own, they look for small profitable business ideas that can fetch them good profits.

So, with these low investment and high profit business ideas, you can also consider starting your own start-up.

Only a concrete idea is required. And if executed well, you can be the owner of one of the most successful small business in India.

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