How to Add a Maintenance Mode On Your WordPress Website?

It is always good to add a maintenance mode or maintenance page to your WordPress website while working in the backend. It is a good idea not to allow someone visit the website if it is not completely ready. And Importantly it is not safe for google to index your site while it is not completely ready.

So I am going to show step by step how you can add a maintenance mode to your WordPress website.

1 – Login into your WordPress dashboard. Go to plugins and download and activate “WP Maintenance mode”.
2 – Once it is activated, go to Settings – > WP Maintenance mode. You need to change the status and select ‘Activated’, go down and save the settings.
Now your site is in maintenance mode. You can only visit the front end of the website once you are logged in.
There also some other settings in this plugin, so you can customize the front end. You can go to the ‘Design Tab’, there you can change the text displayed on the maintenance mode screen when someone visit the website, you can change the description and colours from here if you want.
You can also add feature like ‘Countdown clock’. It will be displayed on the front end to show how much is left to open the site. You can change all those settings by going into ‘Module Tab’.


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