How to Configure WordPress SMTP to Send Emails

If you have a WordPress website and wants your readers and clients to directly contact you through address which is connected to your domain, then you are at right place. In this blog, we will talk about how we can configure WordPress to send emails using SMTP plugin. Normally, WordPress uses PHP mail function for sending emails and newsletters, but it is not the best option as it has poor email header and also you cannot build HTML templates or attach file easily. It fails to pass spam tests run by website providers and this is the reason that such emails lands in spam folder, causes to damage your domain reputation.
SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer protocol is the best server for sending your emails and newsletters, to enhance your emails deliverability. There are two options to setup SMTP server, i.e:
1 – Login into your WordPress dashboard, to to plugin and click add new. Search for the plugin ‘Custom Post Type UI’ go ahead download and activate this plugin.
● Programmatically
● Integration through WP plugins

Configure SMTP server using WordPress plugins:

The easiest way to integrate SMTP server, is to install the right plugin. The ‘Plugin’ page consists of as many as 400 results for “SMTP server”, when you search for it. You can choose the right plugin by checking, “reviews, total number of installations and compatibility”.

Configure SMTP server using WordPress plugins:

The most popular plugins for SMTP server integration are:
● WP Mail SMTP
● Post SMTP Mailer
● CBX Email SMTP
● Easy WP SMTP

How to Configure SMTP server using Easy WP SMTP?

You have to follow the following steps to configure SMTP server:

Step 1: Find SMTP setting of your Web Hosting service provider;

The first thing to do is to find out about SMTP setting of your Web Host. You need to know about their SMTP host address, SMTP port, and host’s encryption method.

Step 2: Login to your Control panel;

In the next step, you have to login to your Control Panel and then go to Email section.

Step 3: Create new Email Account;

In the ‘Email Section’, click ‘Create a new Account’ and then create a new account for your WordPress site by choosing a name and a strong password.

Step 4: Write SMTP server name and port information;

In the ‘Email Account’ menu, go to Email details and provide the details about the server provider address and port information. In case of popular server providers such as Hostinger, Bluehost etc. you can find their address and port by simply searching them on internet or you can contact your server provider.

Step 5: Install the Easy WP SMTP plugin and activate it;

The next thing you have to do is, to install Easy WP SMTP plugin and activate it. In the ‘Plugins’ section, click ‘Add New’ and then search for ‘WP Mail SMTP’.

Step 6: Configure the SMTP server settings in Easy WP SMTP setting menu;

From you WordPress dashboard, go to Easy WP SMTP settings, fill out the SMTP Configuration Settings form. Then click Save Changes.
The information you need to fill are as following;

1 – From Email Address; the newly created email address in step 3.

2 – From Name; Sender’s name.

3 – Reply-To Email Address; the alternative email address which is more likely going to receive replies.

4 – SMTP Host and Port; the details regarding the SMTP host server provider and port.

5 – Type of Encryption; select the STARTTLS protocol and codes to secure your account.

6 – SMTP Authentication; option “Yes”.

7 – MTP Username and Password: your mail server login details.

Step 7: Using test mail feature, test SMTP email;

Test the SMTP email, using the test mail feature of the plugin. Run the test to check the compatibility of the SMTP server with your WordPress wrbsite. To do so, Go to Test mail> enter the recipient email address> type message> click send test email.

Step 8: Secure your email password;

The last step is to secure your email password. While entering your email account details in WordPress, WordPress stores your data and will keep you remembered. That means anyone with access to your WordPress website will be able to use it. To secure your account, you have to edit WordPress wp-config.php file. Go to File Manager of your Control Panel, then to installation folder (public_html) and edit the wp-config.php


Although, there are several other SMTP plugin options for sending emails but Easy WP SMTP plugin is the best choice to send your emails without getting stuck in spam list and effecting your website image. It is easy and reliable. Make sure that you enter correct SMTP host server name and port. Otherwise, you may face error while sending email.


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