How to Earn Money from Quora : 6 Effective and Common Ways to Make Money on Quora 

How to earn money from Quora? Do you know about the Quora Platform? If yes then maybe you do not know that you can earn money from Quora too. Its information has been provided in today’s article.

Nowadays many ways have been made from which you can earn money easily. If I tell you that you can earn money only by asking questions or answers, then it is not a big deal. Through this article, we have brought a website in front of you which earns money only by answering questions, whose name is Quora.

Many of you will be very familiar with this website. And would also use it to answer questions to each other, but many people do not know that money can be earned through the Quora Website. Today we will give you detailed information about the Quora website and also tell you how to earn money from Quora app.

What is Quora?

Quora is a type of Online Question Answer Forum. Many people from all over the world are connected with this website. They keep their Queries here and get answers in return. If they know the answer to any question asked here, then they clarify their feelings on it.

If we talk about its definition, then Quora is such a medium, through which you can ask questions about any subject or topic and in return Quora gives you the answer to that question.

The specialty of Quora right now is that if you request a person to answer it, then you can request them. A notification is received and in that notification it is decided who has answered that question.

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It is the largest website at number 81 in the world, which is used everywhere in the country and abroad. It’s more than seven crore organic keywords rank on Google. There is more than 12 crore organic traffic in this, which is beyond the thinking of a normal blogger.

What is Quora Partner Program?

Quora has recently started the Quora Partner Program. Through this program, you can earn money by answering the questions asked by people. Suppose when someone asks a question in Quora, then quora runs its ads and gives you some money for that ads, you get this money through PayPal.

How to Earn Money from Quora
How to Earn Money from Quora

Keep in mind that the Quora Partner Program invitation is received only when more than 1 lakh views of your questions and answers are received and the User’s Engagement is good on the answer given by you.

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When more and more Views and Upvotes come on your question and answer, then Quora Team feels that people are liking your question and answer. That means you are a good writer. So you get the Quora Partner Program invitation.

How to earn money from Quora

Here we are telling about how to earn money from Quora. One of these is Quora Partner Program, apart from this there are many ways to earn money from Quora which are mentioned below.

How to Earn Money from Quora
How to Earn Money from Quora

1. By bringing traffic to the website

Millions of people answer questions every day on Quora. If you have to bring traffic to your website so that you can earn more money through Google Adsense then this is a better option if you share your website link then millions of visitors will come to your website every month.

Here, if you add a link to your website in the middle of your answers, then when users read that answer, they may click on that link from which they will go to your website. Due to which traffic will be received on your website.

2. Selling Ebooks

Quora is a platform that is gathering people who are willing to gain new information and knowledge. Therefore, it is most effective to earn money by selling eBooks through Quora.

If you are good at writing books then make an online Ebook. If you are a very good way to solve the queries posted on Quora, then making an Ebook and selling them at an average price range is a very good way.

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Additionally, you can get the popularity of your Ebooks through shares on social media platforms and this will increase your profits. For those people this is a golden way by which you can sell Ebooks on your Quora account.

3. By Affiliate Marketing

If you open this website, you will see that many product reviews are shared in Hindi and English or other languages. A link to the product is also given below the review. You can also put and share the link of your product in the same way so that you will get money when the product is sold.

4. By Advertising

If you also want to promote your company, then this facility is provided to you. In this, when you answer questions related to the company, it ranks first in Google because the customer first searches about the company on the internet, then its answer is first found in Quora, in this way you can advertise your company. Can earn money by doing.

5. Blog Branding

Through this website, you can convey information about your blog to the people, you can increase the popularity of your brand. When you put a link, any person clicks on it, then he gets information about your brand.

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6. By selling Quora Account

If you have good followers in your Quora account then you can also get good money for it. There are many online marketers who need a Quora Account with good organic traffic. In such a situation, if you are also among those people who know how to grow a Quora Account, then you can earn money by selling it too.

What is Quora Space and how to earn money from it?

Quora Space Earnings Program (beta) This is an opportunity that is provided only to Quora Space Admins so that they can become part of Quora’s revenue. As you would know that Quora generates its revenue through advertising.

Where earlier Quora used to provide money only to the members associated with the Quora Partner Program, whose main task was to ask new questions and answer new questions. For this they were given money.

How to check whether you are eligible for Quora Space or not?

For this you must first go to the main page of your space. Whereas in the menu tab, you will see ‘Earnings Tab’ that too between Stats and Settings.

If you see that Earning Tab here, it means that you are eligible to earn money from Quora Space. Then you only have to check whether the Space Admin is living in an Eligible Country or not. Let us know how you can do this.

Let us now know what are those 3 steps by which you can check whether you are eligible for Quora Space or not.

• The first step is that you have to reach a minimum threshold which is up to $10 so that you can become eligible to receive payments in this program.

• The second step is that you will have to wait for the eligibility review, which according to Quora will take at least 3 business days.

• The third step is that you have to link your account with your bank.

How to become a member of Quora Space?

By the way, Quora itself invites Space Admins to join its own beta program. At the same time, there is no such specified way that you can ask Quora to connect your space with this program.

Wherein, if you have a great desire, then you can contact Quora on this e-mail ID This email Id is shared with Quora Space Admins so that if they want they can remove their Spaces from this program.

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At the same time, Quora has also shared a resource center with everyone so that they can get answers to all their questions regarding the Space Program.

FAQ– How to Earn Money from Quora

How does Quora pay its partners?

When you become a part of Quora Partner Program, then quora asks you for your payment information. But you get money from the ads shown on Quora’s site, not from Quora.

Are you guaranteed to be invited to the Quora Partner Program?

There is no claim that Quora will invite you to its partner program. It completely depends on whom they invite. Where there are crores of users, wow, some are invited within a few weeks, while others take months. You just have to be active and have some patience.

Does Quora pay?

Yes, of course when you join Quora’s partner program, then Quora gives you an opportunity to earn money and also credits money to your Quora account.

Conclusion– How to Earn Money from Quora

I hope you must have liked this article of mine on how to earn money from Quora. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about what is Quora to the readers, so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts regarding this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write low comments.

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