How to See Old Versions of any Websites?

Are you in a situation where you want to check an old version of a website? Do you want to retrieve any post that no longer is traceable? Don’t worry! You can retrieve old version of any website and even can find certain deleted content. The content is available in form of snapshot and in this article, we will show you the four methods of checking of version of any website in details. So lets start!

Reasons to See Old Versions of Websites

Websites get updated really fast and are redesigned to attract more visitors. But certain posts or information gets deleted or lost during this process, the new replaces the old. There several valid reasons for which you might want to check the older version;

  • For educational/research purpose.
  • To check the designs.
  • To get access to old data.
  • To check deleted posts or information.
  • To retrieve evidence incase of copyright attack on your website.
  • Get around the censorship
  • Or, just for fun.


There are four different methods or tool which can help you to see the older version. The data of the old versions of any websites are stored in the form of snapshots or images which are later made available to the users for free.

The snaps or data of old versions are collected based on the performance and popularity of websites. The more traffic on a website, more data will be stored in archives.

1. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive was founded by Brewster Kahle in 1996. It is a non-profit organization which is just like a library but a digital library for websites. Around 554 billion pages are stores over Internet Archive and can be accessed by any one over the internet. Under the internet archive organization, a tool was developed called Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine tool

This tool allows you to search for the older version of any website at any time. To get started, follow the below steps

  • Now enter the URL of the website that you want to check in the search bar of the Wayback Machine tool and then click “Browse History”.


  • Now enter the URL of the website that you want to check in the search bar of the Wayback Machine tool and then click “Browse History”.

  • Below the graph bar, month by month calendar will be given. You can select the month and date here. The date on which the copies of the websites are saved will be highlighted.

  • When you hover over any date a popup will appear from where you can select time. When you select time, a copy of the old version will appear on the screen.

You can now check the older version, retrieve old posts, images or videos, navigate to different pages, etc. You can use it just like the present version but keep in mind that it might take time to load and some content might not be available because of tons of copies of the website or huge content.

2. Look Into Your Browser’s Cache

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of Cache? Why it takes so much storage data? You will get the answers now. Cache is the stored information of data which is saved while you visit any website. It also allows internet users to get a faster loading of the website which they have visited earlier.

One most important purpose of the Cache is that you can see the old versions of websites. But it depends on your site and your computer’s settings. If you have saved Cache, you can access the old versions of websites by accessing Cache.

3. is a tool which let internet users to get access to old copies of the old versions of any website. This is done through the old browsers that were available at that time. You can visit old versions of the browsers such as Internet Explorer.

It retrieve the old data of the websites using third-party archives such as national libraries and Internet Archive.

Let started,

  • From drop-down menu, select the browser that you want to use.

  • In the search bar, enter the URL of the website that you want to see.

  • Enter the date in the bar under the “Browse Archives At” and also make sure to tick it.

  • The tool will now automatically starts to download website’s old copies.

And once loaded you will be able to interact with it and use the old version to retrieve any data.

4. Library of Congress

Library of Congress or the American Library of Congress is collects websites data, books, audio recording, and newspapers. It works similar to Wayback Machine because of its web archive search tool.

If you are unable to find old version of website or its data, this tool can help you with it. To get use this tool, follow the steps;

Navigate to

  • In the search bar, enter the URL of the website that you want to check out and click Browse or Search icon.

  • Select the year from left hand side menu. The tool will now provide you the old copies of the website.

You can now use it like any other website. This tool also stores description and other data of the websites in the archive. Library of Congress also provides categories from where you can search the archives. Beside this, you can also browse from the extensive collection of images available on the library and can use them for free.


We hope that this article was helpful enough to help you with checking the old versions of any website. We tried to provide step by step guide to make it easy for you to fulfill your objective of accessing the old version which might be any of the above mentioned reasons.


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