How to Setup Free Shipping in WooCommerce?

How to Setup Free Shipping in WooCommerce

Free shipping increases your sale because Free Shipping attracts more customers. Free shipping is loved by every customer around the world and it encourages them to buy from you and even buy more than what they have come for to your online store. It is a simple trick to increase your customers and sales than any other online store.

Every online store wants to grow its business in one or the other way. Free shipping is the best tool to grow your small or medium-sized business. This blog will help you to learn to set up free shipping in the WooCommerce store.

Reasons for Offering Free Shipping:

When a customer visits an online store, he/she will first look for the shipping cost. It is the key factor upon which a customer decides whether to buy your product or not.  Studies have shown that online customers gave more attention to Free Shipping than to any other offer.

Some customers can also accept delay shipping or longer delivery period if they are getting a Free Shipping offer. They might leave their cart if any shipping fee is added to their purchase.

While some can pay charges to have a quick delivery which can help you offset the cost of free delivery. Free Shipping is the top marketing tool for 61% of online stores.

How to Setup and Configure Free Shipping:

There are two methods to add a Free Shipping offer to WooCommerce. First by applying it while adding a zone and second by editing the existing zone.

  • To add the zone while adding a zone, follow the below steps;
  • Navigate to WooCommerce from WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings, and click on Shipping.
  • Under Shipping Click on Add Shipping Zone.

  • Fill the requires fields i.e. Zone Name and Zone Region (s).

  • Then click on the Add shipping method.

  • From the drop-down menu select free shipping and then click on Add Shipping Method.
  • Now click on Save Changes to save your details.

To add Free Shipping to already added Shipping Zones, follow the below guide;

  • From your Dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce and open
  • Now under the Settings option, navigate to
  • Under the Shipping option, navigate to Shipping Zones.

  • Hover over the already added zones. Two options will appear i.e. Edit or Delete.

  • Click on the Edit It will navigate to another page. Click on the Add shipping method.

You can also enable or disable the already existing shipping methods by sliding the button next to it. You can also edit and delete the shipping method here.

Managing Free Shipping:

To manage or edit your Free Shipping Method, hover over the free shipping method, it will display two options, Edit or Delete. Click on the Edit option under the Shipping method.

Clicking on the Edit option will take you to a new page for a configuration where from the drop-down menu you can select Free Shipping Requirements.

  • N/A – No requirements for free shipping. Applicable to all customers.
  • A valid free shipping coupon – Coupon for free shipping.
  • A minimum order amount – Free shipping is applicable on the minimum amount of purchase.
  • A minimum order amount OR a coupon – Free shipping on Coupon or Minimum amount spent.
  • A minimum order amount AND a coupon – Free shipping are applicable with Coupon plus Minimum amount spent.

Select the option that best suits your need and then click on Save Changes to save your data.

Note: if you select the minimum amount spent option then set a minimum amount.

And if you have selected any option with Coupon, navigate to Marketing, then click on Coupon and select Add Coupon.

Select the option Allow Free Shipping and then click on Publish.

Wrapping Up:

Free Shipping is the best marketing tool. It not only attracts more and more customers but also helps to grow your eCommerce store. Hope this blog has helped you enough to set up free shipping in WooCommerce to grow your business.

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