What is the difference between Blogger.com and WordPress?

Blogger.com is a Google product developed in 2003 by Pyra Labs. It allows users to create blogs with time-stamped entries. On the other hand, WordPress was introduced in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg which is an open content management system where one can build almost any kind of website.

Blogger vs WordPress

Let’s dig dip and compare Blogger.com with WordPress.com:

  • Content Control: com provides less control of content because your data is stored on their server and is own by them. While WordPress is an open content management system and you own every bit of your published content over it.
  • Usage: com is easy to use and is very streamlined. You just need to login through your Google account and then you can start publishing your blog. WordPress is also easy to use but it requires extra skills or knowledge of using plugins and themes.
  • Themes: com contains just basic themes that can be customized using CSS and HTML. WordPress on other hand, WordPress provides thousands of themes to customize your website according to your need.
  • Website Building: With blogger.com it takes just a few clicks to build a website. Login to blogger.com using your Google Account and then open a website builder to create your blogging website. Similarly, you can develop your website using WordPress in just a few steps i.e. choose a domain name, select a hosting provider, and then select a theme. You can develop any kind of website using WordPress. There are tons of plugins available over WordPress which makes it easy to control and manage your website.
  • Flexibility: blogger.com is not as flexible as WordPress because it do not provide many customization options. WordPress contains over 15000 plugins and about 7000+ themes options.
  • SEO: both blogger.com and WordPress provide SEO options.

Ending Note

If you want to publish your blog on go then blogger.com is the best option while if you want to create a business website or an eCommerce store then WordPress is a more suitable platform.

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